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We care about the people behind each of the 2 trillion email addresses we serve.

Since 2009, through sending email for 82,000 customers, we’ve learned that email is an important mix of technology and people. We want our customers to make a meaningful impact with their email programs and have seen how influential email success is to growing a healthy business.

Whether you’re a developer, marketer, CEO of a small business, or a program manager at an enterprise company, we know your email needs are unique. So SendGrid provides a unique customer communications solution for every stage of your company’s growth.

That’s why we pioneered transactional email, have more delivery experts and support engineers than any other email provider, and why we continue to deliver new email and communication products to our customers.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not only about how we communicate, but why we communicate.

If you really want to know why you should choose SendGrid, don’t take it from us — hear straight from our customers.

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"With the help of SendGrid… we have transformed email marketing at eBay."

—Alex Weinstein, Director of CRM, eBay

"Before SendGrid, we were using engineering resources to manage email."

—Lena Krug, Director of Engineering, Meetup

“SendGrid works, and it works at scale.”

—Alex Karweit, Engineering Lead, Nextdoor

“SendGrid has displayed a rare blend of flexibility and reliability.”

—Raveen Sastry, Co-Founder and CEO, NudgeSpot/Boomtrain

SendGrid is to email what Google is to search.”

—Juliana Lima, Communication Manager, VivaReal

“By no stretch of the imagination, SendGrid is our most important vendor… We were blind beforehand.”

—John Havel, Co-founder, The Hustle

The Hustle
"SendGrid is critical to our business.”

—Justin Fritz, Email Marketing Manager, Strava

We have saved thousands of dollars in engineering resources.”

—Jon Hoffman, Head of Infrastructure, Foursquare

"Through SendGrid’s know-how, we were able to master the quality of our deliverability."

—Pedro Axelrud, COO,


Over 80,000 paying customers trust Twilio SendGrid to send more than 100 billion emails every month.

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  • We send 100 billion emails a month with 99.999% uptime.
  • We communicate with 56% of the world’s email addresses every year.
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  • Our team has 100+ full-time email deliverability experts.
  • We love email. Seriously.
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  • We have AI-powered deliverability, and email marketing, email automation, and multichannel advertising products.
  • We’re your one-stop email provider.
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  • We sit on all major email industry groups:
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SendGrid is everything you need to send emails that cut through the noise and make a connection.